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Leica M8.2

Leica M8.2

Price Rs. 352,273
[Last Updated Jun 14 2012]


This Leica M 8.2 is an updated version of the outgoing M8 and it is the first digital rangefinder from the company – based focus on the M-series cameras. In this camera, besides of the full-frame – Leica has added a 35mm sensor which is form factor one.

The Leica M 8.2 comes with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal LCD cover; frame lines are aligned to cover the sensor at 2m. The exterior of the body cover is traditional-looking synthetic leather vulcanite. This camera comes with a much better charger which is much more compact unit to look at and it is supplied with a 12-volt adaptor that you can plug it in the car as well.

Photos of Leica M8.2